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Jonathan and Brittany Sandate

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My Story

🥰 I Love Scentsy, One of the reasons I became a consultant was becuase of my MOM.
It all started when she took us to a vendor party that one of her friends held at her home. Scentsy was one of those vendors. Our mom told my sister and I that we can pick out anything under $30, that's where I got my first Ocean Waves Mini Warmer and Ocean Wax Bar, Britt got Penny the Pig Scentsy Buddy with Sweet Pea & Vanilla Scent Pak. We fell in love with the products, the quality, the fragrances, and now we have these scents in our Scentsy Club where we can always get our favorite products even if they have been discontinued.
I became a consultant shortly after the party because my mom suggested that I could make extra income on the side, plus she would be there to help me every step of the way, not to mention she would be my number one customer 🤗 I enjoyed that my mom wanted to be a part of my business as much as I did. Believe it or not she could sell you just about anything and make you believe you needed it in the first place. 😄 She loved all the Scentsy Buddies that came out and the new fragrances and warmers Scentsy released every month and season.
I really miss being able to share that part of my business with her, which is why strive to keep my Scentsy Business a float... just to keep that memory of her means the world to me. ❤
If you need anything please let me know I'm here to help!

Thank you for Visiting and Reading My Story, Please feel free to browse all of the products available, If you would like to test out some of the products let me know, there great selection of Scents, Bath & Body, Home, and On the Go items available that you can try, contact me to either setup a one on one or we can invite your friends and family and turn it into a party!  Remember... It Just Makes Scents With Jonathan & Brittany! :)

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